Sketches 031819

I am having some real sketchbook breakthroughs (I am still ipading) but have just been freestyle drawing a lot and doing value studies when I get the chance so that I never feel as if I am not working on something. That way when I don’t have time to work on drawing or painting there is not that much of a gap or a feeling of guilt etc.
This is dramatically different than before when I would take weeks to work on a piece only to become frustrated at the pace. You don’t want to rush it but at the same time, the focus on detail and the time it takes to complete the work is really lengthy, and it makes it start to feel excruciating. I haven’t done a long piece in a while, as I feel that doing quick drawings and value sketches is a lot less frustrating.
Since I mainly work in Procreate now, Have never really combines Procreate and Photoshop.
I wonder what would happen? I should probably give that a shot at some point.

Moe murdock 031719