I'm back finally!

I had to take some time off to finish this class that I just completed through CGMA, it's called the Art of Color and Light and it was absolutely terrific.
I really feel like I learned a lot about what I have been missing these past few years (since I am a self taught artist.) It really helped to reinforce the fundamentals that I have been missing.
This is my final piece (it's not done just yet, as I need to rework the final piece itself.)
However here you can see the various steps from the final in-progress piece and including the beginning thumbnails (I really liked drawing on sticky pads a lot). Anyway, as soon as the final piece is done, i'll throw it up!

Moe murdock 1

Final piece in progress

Moe murdock 2

value study

Moe murdock 3

color palette study

Moe murdock 4

Try thumbnailing on sticky pads! It's great!