Back from Break

Every month I take a week off to do other things. Play games, hang out, not think about art, read, listen to podcasts, etc. the main goal of this is to recharge my batteries, look at other work, an avoid suffering from burnout. At the end the the week I start getting back into the workflow but starting with light paint sketches and drawing, (a weekend warm up if you will)
Below are some things that I threw down over the weekend....

Moe murdock screen

Back to sketching in the sketchbook. I have one to finish and then another one to complete this year, they take a long time it turns out.

Moe murdock img 0701

Drawing random faces and heads

Moe murdock img 0702

Drawing more random faces and heads..and other weird objects.

Moe murdock img 0703

Going back to shape practice, the building block of any good piece

Moe murdock img 0704

Trying new brushes...

Moe murdock img 0699

It's a flip flop...which I know is is weird thing to paint, but I was trying to get the simplicity of it down..

Moe murdock img 6563

Commuter #1

Moe murdock img 6564

Commuter #2

Moe murdock img 6565

Commuter #3

Moe murdock img 6566

Commuter #4

Moe murdock img 0705

Faces, skulls, etc. it's getting there....